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If an EMERGENCY, please call  911 First.

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The Granville Police Department is proud of all the members who serve on its force. From the uniformed
officers to the administrative staff, they have committed themselves to ensuring the safety of our

Not only do our officers uphold and enforce the laws, they along with other staff members are active
participants in the town, volunteering their time and talents to strengthen the bonds between our
residents and our department.

For those who are interesting in joining the Granville Police Department, see the information below for
a list of current job posting and a downloadable application form.

After filling out the entire application:

• Save the file to your computer as "YourNameApplication.pdf"

• Create a new email to Brian Hill at:

• Please use "Application - Granville Police Department" as the subject line

• Attach "YourNameApplication.pdf" to the email

• Please attach all other work experience if you have had more than 2 jobs in the past 10 years