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The Town of Granville may be small in size—just 1.301 square miles and a population of 2,560—but it’s big in heart. And this is exemplified by the Granville Police Department that is not only committed to protecting the business and residents under its jurisdiction but also to fostering relationships within the community.

Our officers and administration believe that commitment, respect and integrity are essential values in maintaining a positive image and relationship with Granville community. Under the guidance of Police Chief Craig Corkrean, the department has actively engaged with the community through a variety of events, informational programs and community services.


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Granville Police Department to protect and serve the persons and property of the Town of Granville. Our goal is to improve the quality of life in Granville by working in partnership with the community to enhance public safety, reduce the fear of crime, and strengthen our neighborhoods. We are committed to achieving this mission with respect, accountability, and honor, while conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain public trust and confidence.

Craig Corkrean, MS, GASF, CCME
Chief of Police
Granville Police Department

Community Engagement

As part of its community engagement activities, the Granville Police Department hosts events such as Baseball with a First Responder, Movie with a Cop, Bowling with a Cop and, in partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings, Wings with Heroes.

These recreational activities enable members of the police force and area youngsters to interact with each other in a positive way. For more information about these and other events, visit the Granville Police Department’s Facebook page.

Community Services

The Granville Police Department also provides a variety of services to benefit residents. These include:

  • Prescription Drug Destruction—Residents can bring their prescription drugs to the department at any time for safe destruction and disposal.
  • Complimentary Car Unlocking—Drivers who have accidentally locked their keys in their vehicles can call the police department for a free unlocking service, providing the vehicle is within the police department jurisdiction.
  • Bike Helmet Giveaway—Children under 18 can receive a free bike helmet by requesting one at the town hall.

The Granville Police Department has designated two parking spaces in the Target plaza at the University Town Centre for the safe exchange of goods purchased or traded online (i.e. Facebook or Craigslist). These designated parking spaces are video-recorded 24/7 to reduce the fear of purchasing or trading goods online or interacting with strangers.

Crime Prevention

While the police department may have an old-fashioned attitude toward the community it serves, it also has the latest in technology and digital forensics capabilities to ensure the protection and safety of those under its charge.

The police department also has a Tip Line, providing a means for residents to report issues, concerns or complaints.

Through these activities and services, the Granville Police Department demonstrates its focus on securing the safety of those who live in Granville as well as those who are visiting our town.