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Please Call 911 in an EMERGENCY 

To Speak with the Fire Department, Please Call 304-599-5190


Become A Firefighter

If you are interested in becoming a firefighter for the Town of Granville, a great place to start is to attend our monthly meetings, which are the second Sunday of each month at 5:30. You can also call 304-599-5080 to inquire about next steps.

After filling out the entire application:

• Save the file to your computer as "YourNameApplication.pdf"

• Create a new email to Butch Renner at

• Please use "Application - Granville Fire Department" as the subject line

• Attach "YourNameApplication.pdf" to the email

• Please attach all other work experience if you have had more than 2 jobs in the past 10 years


If you are interested in volunteering for the Town of Granville Fire Department, simply send an email to Chief Renner with your request. You can also join us for our monthly meeting on the second Sunday of each month at 5:30 to learn more about becoming a volunteer firefighter.

Junior Firefighter Program

If a 16-17 year old wants to volunteer as a firefighter:

  • DO have a valid age certification on file with the Chief. This can be obtained from your school;
  • DO have the minor’s parent or legal guardian written consent;
  • DO enroll, participate, and complete Firefighter I training conducted by the West Virginia Fire Service Training Program of West Virginia University, RESA, or the West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office; and
  • DO work under the direct supervision and control of trained and qualified fire protection personnel.


The Junior Firefighter, if wearing proper PPE, may:

  • DO training conducted by the West Virginia Fire Service Training Program of West Virginia University, RESA, or the West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Iffice;
  • DO first aid at a scene at a safe distance from any building or structure;
  • DO clean up service at the scene of a fire, BUT outside the structure only, AND ONLY after the fire has been declared by the official in charge to be under control; and/or
  • DO provide coffee and food service at the fire scene if needed, BUT ONLY outside of the structure and a safe distance from the structure.


The Junior Firefighter cannot:

  • DO NOT operate pumps or high-pressure hoses of any fire vehicle while at the scene of a fire;
  • DO NOT drive any fire apparatus, ambulance, or other fire vehicle; and/or operate red lights, siren or an audible signal in responding to an alarm on their own personal vehicles or any other vehicle;
  • DO NOT operate an aerial ladder, aerial platform, or hydraulic jack at a fire scene;
  • DO NOT use or assist in the use of rubber electrical gloves, insulated wire gloves, insulated wire cutters, life nets, acetylene cutting unites, K-12 power saws, air chisels, porta powers, hydraulic rescue tools, or other equipment related to rescue and fire operations at a fire scene; and/or
  • DO NOT enter a burning structure.


A Junior firefighter may only:

  • Respond to a fire while school is in session or during school hours if the fire official in charge has obtained permission from the minor’s school principal.


This list is not intended to be an all-inclusive listing of all do’s and don’ts permitted by law for Junior Firefighters. Common sense should be used at all times by the line officers supervising the Junior Firefighters. Fighting fire has been designated as a dangerous activity by the law and should be treated as such, with special concern as to the safety of Junior Firefighters.

If you have a question on what is allowed or not allowed, and it is not specifically included in this list, please contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office at 304-558-2191.

This information has been taken from W.Va. Code § 21-6-2 and the West Virginia Division of Labor’s Rules concerning Child Labor. W. Va. Code R. § 42-9-12.