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Please Call 911 in an EMERGENCY 

To Speak with the Fire Department, Please Call 304-599-5190


Meet the men and women behind the Town of Granville’s Firefighting and Rescue Teams.


Granville W.VA.

The number one priority of the Town of Granville Fire Department is to ensure the safety of all residents and civilians in the Granville area. Our force, consisting of 11 full-time fire fighters and 23 volunteer fire fighters, is on call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to protect our community’s residents, businesses, institutions, and guests.

If you are having an emergency, call 911.


Our Fire Chief

Charles "Butch" Renner II

Chief Renner started working for the Granville Fire Department in February 1976 as a Junior fire fighter. His leadership and dedication to the safety of his community led him through the ranks to become Fire Chief in May 2007 to present. He holds all training required by the West Virginia State Fire Commission, with additional training as well.  

Butch was instrumental in implementing a combination Fire Department (volunteer and paid staff) to better serve the Town of Granville and its citizens with fire protection.

Butch oversees the Town of Granville Fire Department staff having ten paid firefighters, three of which are on shift 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year round.

We Love Our Community!

The Granville fire department is always looking for ways to connect with the residents and businesses in our community! Look for us and come say hello at the next community event!

Fire Prevention Class Every Fall

Join to learn how to keep your home and business safe, and get a free smoke detector. Visit our Facebook page or contact us for information on when the class will be held.

Check our Facebook page and Events page for all our upcoming events, food drives, and safety classes!

Sorry, but we do not rent out any of our halls to the public.


The Granville Fire Department is on call for all emergency services. If you are having an emergency, call 911.

For non-emergencies, call the fire department directly at 304-599-5080 option 3.

IN THE TOWN OF GRANVILLE, ONLY, We will unlock your vehicle for you for free! No need to wait for AAA! Give us a call at 304-599-5080, option 3, if you need our assistance. If a person is locked in the vehicle, call 911 right away.

IN THE TOWN OF GRANVILLE, ONLY, We will provide residents with a smoke detector if they can't purchase their own.  Please contact the office for more details. 

Knox Box Program

We require all businesses in Granville to have Knox Boxes properly secured to the outside of each business’s entrance with a key to enter the business inside each Knox Box. This gives the Granville Fire department access to the business without having to break in the door.

Knox Box keys are extremely safe: each Knox Box requires a Granville fire truck to be on the scene, requires two fire fighters to be there to unlock the Knox Box key, and the system records the date, time and length of time that the key is removed. The Granville Fire Department is only one to have the key to open the Knox Box.

If you change your locks to your business, notify the Fire Department so they can change the key in the Knox Box.

Contact us if you have information about your business’s Knox Box or to claim one for your business.

Open Burning

Every time you start a fire outdoors, you are reducing the quality of the air in our area. Please be mindful of how much you burn, when and where you burn, and for how long you keep an open fire going. Below are some general guidelines for open burning:

  • No burning from 7 am until 5 pm.
  • You cannot burn anything man-made.
  • Brush or wood (untreated) is okay to burn.
  • Fires should be kept to a reasonable, controllable size.
  • Grass, brush, stubble, or other debris must be removed within a distance of ten feet from the fire.
  • Do not leave a fire unattended for any period of time.
  • Do not set fire to any material within 300 feet of any woodland, brushland, or field containing dry grass or other inflammable material, especially during forest fire season, which is between March 1st and May 31st.
  • If your fire escapes, you are liable for the cost of fighting the fire and any damage the fire may cause to others and property.

See the Fire Marshall State Fire Code for more restrictions.


Use of Fireworks

Please see the code for Town of Granville

You must hold a wholesale firework license in order to purchase fireworks in the state of West Virginia. For more information, please visit the Fire Marshal State Fire Code.